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St. James Lutheran School - Sumter, SC

Tuition and Fees

St. James Lutheran School operates as a non-profit organization and relies on tuition, registration, and book fee payments almost exclusively for funding. Tuition for the program is a yearly fee paid over ten months (usually August 1-May 1), with payment to be made by the first of each month.  Payment is required whether your child is in attendance or not, and withdrawal from the program requires at least two weeks’ advance notification.  There is no refund of registration or book fees. 


Tuition and fees are as follows:

3K (8:30-11 :30) $2,800/year or $280/month (10 payments) Curriculum fee: $100
4K (8:30-12:30) $2,900/year or $290/month (10 payments) Curriculum fee: $100
5K (8:00-2:30) $3,500/year or $350/month (10 payments) Curriculum/Tech fee: $225
1st (8:00-3:00) $3,800/year or $380/month (10 payments) Curriculum/Tech fee: $225
2nd (8:00-3:00) $3,800/year or $380/month (10 payments) Curriculum/Tech fee: $250
3rd-5th (8:00-3:00) $3,800/year or $380/month (10 payments) Curriculum/Tech fee: $325

(Contact the office about sibling, military, and church member discounts) 

- The nonrefundable registration fee is required at enrollment each year.

- The nonrefundable curriculum fee is required by July 1 for each year of attendance.


Note:  Members of St. James Lutheran Church receive a 10% discount on tuition.   A second child from any family enrolled at SJLS will receive a 5% discount on tuition.  Max discount is 10%


- Tuition must be paid in advance.  Checks are preferable and should be payable to St. James Lutheran School, with your child’s name noted on the check to ensure proper credit.  Cash must be placed in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on it and given to the headmistress.


- The first month’s tuition is due by August 1.  Thereafter, tuition is due the first day of the month, regardless of absences, holidays, or bad weather. There are 10 payments, beginning August 1 and ending with the May 1 payment. Checks received after the fifth of the month will incur a $15 late fee.   Payments still outstanding for the week after the first week will incur a second $15 late fee with the child not being allowed to continue until the account is settled.  If your check is returned more than once due to insufficient bank funds, you will be required to pay in cash for the remainder of the school year.  Any returned check will also incur the standard $25.00 bank fee.


- Students enrolling October 1st or later will have yearly tuition amounts prorated.  Prorated amounts will equal the normal monthly amount due beginning with the month of enrollment, with the final monthly payment being due May 1st.


- A student whose account becomes more than 2 weeks delinquent will be suspended until the past due amount is paid in full.